Antibody or target protein: The antibody to a specific protein. Used in immuno-precipitation to target certain fractions of biological interest.
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GATA1_(SC-266) Rat monoclonal raised against bacterially expressed murine GATA-1. Antibody Target: GATA1 GATA1 GATA1 is erythroid-specific and is responsible for the regulated transcription of erythroid genes. Santa Cruz Biotechnology sc-266 Snyder Human - GATA1 (sc-266)(Immunoprecipitation,Motif Enrichment)
Mouse - GATA1(sc-266)(Immunoprecipitation)
Mouse - GATA1 (sc-266)(Immunoprecipitation,Motif Enrichment)  
B2510 GeneCard:GATA1 GATA1 (sc-266)