Antibody or target protein: The antibody to a specific protein. Used in immuno-precipitation to target certain fractions of biological interest.
antibodyAntibody DescriptionTargetTarget DescriptionVendor IDLabDocumentsLotsTarget LinkLabel
LSD1 Rabbit polyclonal Antigen Affinity Purified, Unconjugated, Liquid Antibody Target: KDM1A KDM1A BHC110/LSD1 is a histone demethylase and a component of several histone deacetylase complexes. BHC110/LSD1 is able to specifically catalyze the demethylation of Lys4 of histone H3. As part of histone deacetylase complexes BHC110/LSD1 functions as a corepressor of transcription. Bethyl Laboratories A300-215A Bernstein Human - LSD1 (A300-215A)(ChIP-seq,Western blot)   A300-215A-1 GeneCard:KDM1A LSD1/KDM1A (A300-215A)