Antibody or target protein: The antibody to a specific protein. Used in immuno-precipitation to target certain fractions of biological interest.
antibodyAntibody DescriptionTargetTarget DescriptionVendor IDLabDocumentsLotsTarget LinkLabel
NCoR Rabbit polyclonal Antigen Affinity Purified, Unconjugated, Liquid Antibody Target: NCOR1 NCOR1 The nuclear receptor corepressor protein (NCoR) mediates gene repression by interacting with nuclear receptors. NCoR mediates repression by associating with SIN3A/B and the histone deacetylases, HDAC1 and HDAC2, and promoting the formation of repressive chromatin structures. Bethyl Laboratories A301-145A Bernstein Human - NCOR (A301-145A)(ChIP-seq,Western blot)   A301-145A-1 GeneCard:NCOR1 NCoR (A301-145A)