Human Gene MAOB (ENST00000378069.5)
  Description: Homo sapiens monoamine oxidase B (MAOB), mRNA. (from RefSeq NM_000898)
RefSeq Summary (NM_000898): The protein encoded by this gene belongs to the flavin monoamine oxidase family. It is a enzyme located in the mitochondrial outer membrane. It catalyzes the oxidative deamination of biogenic and xenobiotic amines and plays an important role in the metabolism of neuroactive and vasoactive amines in the central nervous sysytem and peripheral tissues. This protein preferentially degrades benzylamine and phenylethylamine. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008].
Gencode Transcript: ENST00000378069.5
Gencode Gene: ENSG00000069535.14
Transcript (Including UTRs)
   Position: hg38 chrX:43,766,610-43,882,450 Size: 115,841 Total Exon Count: 15 Strand: -
Coding Region
   Position: hg38 chrX:43,767,466-43,882,299 Size: 114,834 Coding Exon Count: 15 

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Genomic Sequence (chrX:43,766,610-43,882,450)mRNA (may differ from genome)Protein (520 aa)
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-  Comments and Description Text from UniProtKB
DESCRIPTION: RecName: Full=Amine oxidase [flavin-containing] B; EC=; AltName: Full=Monoamine oxidase type B; Short=MAO-B;
FUNCTION: Catalyzes the oxidative deamination of biogenic and xenobiotic amines and has important functions in the metabolism of neuroactive and vasoactive amines in the central nervous system and peripheral tissues. MAOB preferentially degrades benzylamine and phenylethylamine.
CATALYTIC ACTIVITY: RCH(2)NHR' + H(2)O + O(2) = RCHO + R'NH(2) + H(2)O(2).
SUBUNIT: Monomer, homo- or heterodimer (containing two subunits of similar size). Each subunit contains a covalently bound flavin. Enzymatically active as monomer (By similarity).
SUBCELLULAR LOCATION: Mitochondrion outer membrane; Single-pass type IV membrane protein; Cytoplasmic side.
MASS SPECTROMETRY: Mass=59474; Mass_error=14.0; Method=Electrospray; Range=2-520; Source=PubMed:11049757;
SIMILARITY: Belongs to the flavin monoamine oxidase family.
WEB RESOURCE: Name=SHMPD; Note=The Singapore human mutation and polymorphism database; URL="";
WEB RESOURCE: Name=Wikipedia; Note=Monoamine oxidase entry; URL="";

-  MalaCards Disease Associations
  MalaCards Gene Search: MAOB
Diseases sorted by gene-association score: norrie disease (12), postencephalitic parkinson disease (8), pathological gambling (8), dependent personality disorder (7), antisocial personality disorder (7), parkinson disease, late-onset (7), hepatic encephalopathy (7), personality disorder (7), atypical depressive disorder (7), psychotic disorder (7), serotonin syndrome (7), post-traumatic stress disorder (6), oculogyric crisis (6), multiple system atrophy (6), mood disorder (6), dementia, lewy body (5), exhibitionism (5), toxic encephalopathy (5), dystonia-1, torsion (5), amphetamine abuse (4), paraphilia disorder (4), alcohol dependence (4), pure autonomic failure (4), attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (3), synucleinopathy (2), nervous system disease (1), central nervous system disease (1), schizophrenia (1), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 1 (1)

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-  RNA-Seq Expression Data from GTEx (53 Tissues, 570 Donors)
  Highest median expression: 86.25 RPKM in Ovary
Total median expression: 1431.36 RPKM

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-  mRNA Secondary Structure of 3' and 5' UTRs
RegionFold EnergyBasesEnergy/Base
Display As
5' UTR -71.60151-0.474 Picture PostScript Text
3' UTR -201.90856-0.236 Picture PostScript Text

The RNAfold program from the Vienna RNA Package is used to perform the secondary structure predictions and folding calculations. The estimated folding energy is in kcal/mol. The more negative the energy, the more secondary structure the RNA is likely to have.

-  Protein Domain and Structure Information
  InterPro Domains: Graphical view of domain structure
IPR002937 - Amino_oxidase
IPR001613 - Flavin_amine_oxidase

Pfam Domains:
PF01593 - Flavin containing amine oxidoreductase

Protein Data Bank (PDB) 3-D Structure
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1OJA - X-ray MuPIT 1OJC - X-ray MuPIT 1OJD - X-ray MuPIT
1S2Q - X-ray MuPIT 1S2Y - X-ray MuPIT 1S3B - X-ray MuPIT
1S3E - X-ray MuPIT 2BK3 - X-ray MuPIT 2BK4 - X-ray MuPIT
2BK5 - X-ray MuPIT 2BYB - X-ray MuPIT 2C64 - X-ray MuPIT
2C65 - X-ray MuPIT 2C66 - X-ray MuPIT 2C67 - X-ray MuPIT
2C70 - X-ray MuPIT 2C72 - X-ray MuPIT 2C73 - X-ray MuPIT
2C75 - X-ray MuPIT 2C76 - X-ray MuPIT 2V5Z - X-ray MuPIT
2V60 - X-ray MuPIT 2V61 - X-ray MuPIT 2VRL - X-ray MuPIT
2VRM - X-ray MuPIT 2VZ2 - X-ray MuPIT 2XCG - X-ray
2XFN - X-ray 2XFO - X-ray 2XFP - X-ray
2XFQ - X-ray 2XFU - X-ray 3PO7 - X-ray MuPIT
3ZYX - X-ray MuPIT 4A79 - X-ray MuPIT 4A7A - X-ray MuPIT

ModBase Predicted Comparative 3D Structure on P27338
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-  Orthologous Genes in Other Species
  Orthologies between human, mouse, and rat are computed by taking the best BLASTP hit, and filtering out non-syntenic hits. For more distant species reciprocal-best BLASTP hits are used. Note that the absence of an ortholog in the table below may reflect incomplete annotations in the other species rather than a true absence of the orthologous gene.
MouseRatZebrafishD. melanogasterC. elegansS. cerevisiae
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-  Gene Ontology (GO) Annotations with Structured Vocabulary
  Molecular Function:
GO:0008131 primary amine oxidase activity
GO:0009055 electron carrier activity
GO:0016491 oxidoreductase activity
GO:0042803 protein homodimerization activity
GO:0050660 flavin adenine dinucleotide binding

Biological Process:
GO:0009636 response to toxic substance
GO:0010044 response to aluminum ion
GO:0010269 response to selenium ion
GO:0014063 negative regulation of serotonin secretion
GO:0021762 substantia nigra development
GO:0022900 electron transport chain
GO:0032496 response to lipopolysaccharide
GO:0042135 neurotransmitter catabolic process
GO:0042420 dopamine catabolic process
GO:0042493 response to drug
GO:0045471 response to ethanol
GO:0045964 positive regulation of dopamine metabolic process
GO:0048545 response to steroid hormone
GO:0050665 hydrogen peroxide biosynthetic process
GO:0051412 response to corticosterone
GO:0055114 oxidation-reduction process

Cellular Component:
GO:0005739 mitochondrion
GO:0005740 mitochondrial envelope
GO:0005741 mitochondrial outer membrane
GO:0016020 membrane
GO:0016021 integral component of membrane

-  Descriptions from all associated GenBank mRNAs
  M69177 - Human monoamine oxidase B (MAOB) mRNA, complete cds.
BC022494 - Homo sapiens monoamine oxidase B, mRNA (cDNA clone MGC:26382 IMAGE:4800208), complete cds.
AK294306 - Homo sapiens cDNA FLJ51821 complete cds, highly similar to Amine oxidase (flavin-containing) B (EC
AK298942 - Homo sapiens cDNA FLJ52418 complete cds, highly similar to Amine oxidase (flavin-containing) B (EC
AK312679 - Homo sapiens cDNA, FLJ93072, Homo sapiens monoamine oxidase B (MAOB), nuclear gene encoding mitochondrial protein, mRNA.
KJ897164 - Synthetic construct Homo sapiens clone ccsbBroadEn_06558 MAOB gene, encodes complete protein.
GQ129432 - Synthetic construct Homo sapiens clone HAIB:100068717; DKFZo004G0736 monoamine oxidase B protein (MAOB) gene, partial cds.
GQ129433 - Synthetic construct Homo sapiens clone HAIB:100068620; DKFZo008G0735 monoamine oxidase B protein (MAOB) gene, complete cds.
S62734 - monoamine oxidase B [human, platelet, mRNA Partial, 1560 nt].
JD149982 - Sequence 131006 from Patent EP1572962.
JD301080 - Sequence 282104 from Patent EP1572962.
JD086448 - Sequence 67472 from Patent EP1572962.
JD433153 - Sequence 414177 from Patent EP1572962.
JD374732 - Sequence 355756 from Patent EP1572962.
JD237832 - Sequence 218856 from Patent EP1572962.
JD496292 - Sequence 477316 from Patent EP1572962.
JD094632 - Sequence 75656 from Patent EP1572962.
JD243744 - Sequence 224768 from Patent EP1572962.
DL491424 - Novel nucleic acids.
DL490046 - Novel nucleic acids.
CU692654 - Synthetic construct Homo sapiens gateway clone IMAGE:100019764 5' read MAOB mRNA.
DL492683 - Novel nucleic acids.
DL491125 - Novel nucleic acids.
AK310458 - Homo sapiens cDNA, FLJ17500.
JD543801 - Sequence 524825 from Patent EP1572962.

-  Biochemical and Signaling Pathways
  KEGG - Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes
hsa00260 - Glycine, serine and threonine metabolism
hsa00330 - Arginine and proline metabolism
hsa00340 - Histidine metabolism
hsa00350 - Tyrosine metabolism
hsa00360 - Phenylalanine metabolism
hsa00380 - Tryptophan metabolism
hsa00982 - Drug metabolism - cytochrome P450
hsa01100 - Metabolic pathways

BioCyc Knowledge Library
PWY-0 - putrescine degradation III
PWY-6307 - tryptophan degradation via tryptamine
PWY-6342 - noradrenaline and adrenaline degradation
PWY66-401 - superpathway of tryptophan utilization
PWY6666-2 - dopamine degradation

Reactome (by CSHL, EBI, and GO)

Protein P27338 (Reactome details) participates in the following event(s):

R-HSA-141200 MAOB:FAD oxidatively deaminates of PEA
R-HSA-141202 MAOB:FAD oxidatively deaminates TYR
R-HSA-141333 Biogenic amines are oxidatively deaminated to aldehydes by MAOA and MAOB
R-HSA-140179 Amine Oxidase reactions
R-HSA-211945 Phase I - Functionalization of compounds
R-HSA-211859 Biological oxidations
R-HSA-1430728 Metabolism

-  Other Names for This Gene
  Alternate Gene Symbols: AOFB_HUMAN, B2R6R3, D3DWC3, ENST00000378069.1, ENST00000378069.2, ENST00000378069.3, ENST00000378069.4, NM_000898, P27338, Q7Z6S2, uc004dfz.1, uc004dfz.2, uc004dfz.3, uc004dfz.4, uc004dfz.5, uc004dfz.6
UCSC ID: ENST00000378069.5
RefSeq Accession: NM_000898
Protein: P27338 (aka AOFB_HUMAN)
CCDS: CCDS14261.1

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