UCSC Genome Browser on Mouse Dec. 2011 (GRCm38/mm10) Assembly
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chr17:48,283,829-48,514,008 230,180 bp.
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RNA-Seq Growing_oocyte_10days
sperm K4Me3 rep1
RNA-Seq Growing_oocyte_14days
sperm K4Me3 rep2
growing oocyte 7days K4Me3
RNA-Seq GV_8weeks
growing oocyte 10days K4Me3
RNA-Seq MII_oocyte_rep1
growing oocyte 14days K4Me3
RNA-Seq MII_oocyte_rep2
GV 8weeks K4Me3
RNA-Seq zygote_PN5_rep1
RNA-Seq zygote_PN5_rep2
MII oocyte K4Me3 rep1
RNA-Seq 2cell_early_rep1
RNA-Seq 2cell_early_rep2
MII oocyte K4Me3 rep2
RNA-Seq 2cell_late_rep1
Maternal pronucleus of PN3 zygote K4Me3
RNA-Seq 2cell_late_rep2
Paternal pronucleus of PN3 zygote K4Me3
RNA-Seq 4cell_rep1
RNA-Seq 4cell_rep2
RNA-Seq 8cell_rep1
PN5 zygote K4Me3 rep1
RNA-Seq 8cell_rep2
RNA-Seq ICM rep1
PN5 zygote K4Me3 rep2
RNA -seq ICM rep2
2-cell early K4Me3 rep1
2-cell early K4Me3 rep2
2-cell late K4Me3 rep1
2-cell late K4Me3 rep2
4-cell K4Me3 rep1
4-cell K4Me3 rep2
8-cell K4Me3 rep1
8-cell K4Me3 rep2
ICM K4Me3 rep1
ICM K4Me3 rep2
epiblast E6.5 K4Me3
5000 mESC K4Me3
2000 mESC K4Me3
500 mESC K4Me3 rep1
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