UCSC Genome Browser on SARS-CoV-2 Jan. 2020/NC_045512.2 Assembly (wuhCor1)
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NC_045512v2:1-29,903 29,903 bp.
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-   Custom Tracks
G4 seqs
NCBI all mutations
-   Mapping and Sequencing
Base Position
Kim IVT Cov
ARTIC Primers
RAPID Primers
Crowd-Sourced Data
Addgene Plasmids
CRISPR Detection
GC Percent
Problematic Sites
RefSeq Acc
Restr Enzymes
RT-PCR Primers
Short Match
-   Genes and Gene Predictions
NCBI Genes
NCBI Proteins
Transcriptome Kim
Protein Interact.
Weizman ORFs...
PDB Structures
PDB Ligand Contacts
Genscan Genes
Nextstrain Genes
PhyloCSF Genes
updated UniProt
-   UniProt Protein Annotations
Precurs. Proteins
Protein Products
Signal Peptides
Transmem. Domains
Disulf. Bonds
Protein Domains
Other Annot.
Protease Cleavage
-   Immunology
RBD Mut Bind
RBD Mut Expr
Antib Pept Array...
S Antib Pept Array...
CD8 RosettaMHC
Escape: 21 monocl Ab
IEDB Predictions
Poran HLA I
Poran HLA II
T-React. Epitopes
Validated epitopes from IEDB
-   mRNA and EST
new SHAPE Struct Pyle
icSHAPE RNA Struct
Rangan RNA
-   Expression and Regulation
Kim Transcripts
Kim RNA Brkpts
Kim RNA Modific.
CpG Islands...
-   Comparative Genomics
44 Bat CoVs
119 Vertebrate CoVs
Human CoV
-   Variation and Repeats
new Phylogeny: Public
new Phylogeny: GISAID
updated Nextstrain Clades
updated Nextstrain Variants
new Intrahost SNPs
Natural Selection
new B.1.1.7 in USA
updated Nextstrain Frequency
updated Nextstrain Parsimony
Pot. pathogenic indels
Simple Repeats
new Spike Mutations
WM + SDust

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