Gene interactions and pathways from curated databases and text-mining

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Text-mined interactions from Literome

Chan et al., Cell Biol Int 2009 : Collectively, these findings suggest that PP2A and PTEN may be involved in fine tuning the regulation of Akt/tuberin/mTOR/p70S6K in PC12 cells by M ( 4 ) mAChR and TrkA, respectively
Pracheil et al., Genetics 2012 : More importantly, characterization of lst8d bypass mutants reveals a role for protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) in the regulation of TORC2 signaling
Magnaudeix et al., Neurobiol Aging 2013 : In addition, PP2A blockade resulted in the activation of the negative regulator of autophagy mammalian target of rapamycin complex 1 and 5 ' adenosine monophosphate ( AMP ) -activated protein kinase ( AMPK ) and led to intraneuronal accumulation of p62- and ubiquitin positive protein inclusions, likely due to autophagy downregulation
Liu et al., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2011 (Hypertelorism...) : Increased PP2A levels, resulting from proteasome inhibition or depletion of MID1, lead to disruption of the mTOR/Raptor complex and down-regulated mTORC1 signaling
Narayanan et al., J Neurosci 2007 : In contrast, extended mGluR activation ( 1-5 min ) resulted in mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) mediated PP2A suppression and FMRP rephosphorylation
Li et al., Cell Signal 2010 : These data suggest that PP2A and AMPK mediated phosphorylation of Raptor mediate H ( 2 ) O ( 2 ) -induced inhibition of mTORC1 signaling
Pracheil et al., J Biol Chem 2013 : It has been reported that protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) and the Far3-7-8-9-10-11 complex ( Far complex ) negatively regulate TORC2 signaling in yeast