Gene interactions and pathways from curated databases and text-mining

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Pathways - manually collected, often from reviews:

Protein-Protein interactions - manually collected from original source literature:

Studies that report less than 10 interactions are marked with *

Text-mined interactions from Literome

Liu et al., Zhonghua Yi Xue Za Zhi 2011 : The expressions of pi-JNK at 15 minutes and Rac1-GTP at 5 minutes were inhibited significantly by Rac1siRNA and NSC23766 in a concentration dependent manner
Sánchez-Martín et al., J Biol Chem 2004 : We have identified Vav, a guanine nucleotide exchange factor for Rac-1, and PI3K/Akt, as regulators of the activation and inactivation phases of the activity of Rac-1, respectively, in the context of LFA-1 signaling based on the following experimental evidence : ( i ) LFA-1 induced activation of Vav and PI3K/Akt with kinetics consistent with a regulatory role for these molecules on Rac-1 , ( ii ) overexpression of a constitutively active Vav mutant induces activation of Rac independently of LFA-1 stimulation whereas overexpression of a dominant negative Vav mutant blocks LFA-1 mediated Rac activation, ( iii ) pharmacological inhibition of PI3K/Akt prevented the fall in the activity of Rac-1 after its initial activation but had no effect on Vav activity, and ( iv ) overexpression of a dominant negative or a constitutively active Akt-1 induced or inhibited, respectively, Rac-1 activity
Shyu et al., J Biomed Sci 2009 : TNF-alpha induced phosphorylation of Rac, while atorvastatin and Rac-1 inhibitor inhibited the phosphorylation of Rac induced by TNF-alpha
Lee et al., J Biol Chem 2008 : RA induced Rac1-GTP formation and phosphorylation of its downstream target, p21 activated kinase (PAK), whereas the inhibition of AMPK blocked RA-induced Rac1 activation