RNA-seq (by protocol) Tracks
RNA-seq (by protocol) tracks

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RNA-seq (by protocol) polyA plus RNA-seq  RNA-seq (by protocol) polyA plus RNA-seq  
RNA-seq (by protocol) total RNA-seq  RNA-seq (by protocol) total RNA-seq  

RNA-seq supertrack

This supertrack contains all available ENCODE data produced by RNA-seq, which profiles RNA expression. All experiments at the ENCODE Portal which have been processed through the RNA-seq uniform processing pipelines  have data featured in this supertrack. Available data types for RNA-seq include plus-strand signal and minus-strand signal.

This supertrack is a component of the ENCODE RNA mega-trackhub, which also includes data from experiments produced using RAMPAGE, CAGE, and eCLIP-seq. You can visualize the results from those assays using their corresponding supertracks, or, if you are interested in viewing data from a particular tissue or biosample across multiple assays, you can use the Experiments by Tissue supertrack.


Thanks to the ENCODE Consortium, the ENCODE production laboratories, and the ENCODE Data Coordination Center for generating and processing the datasets used here. The ENCODE accession numbers of the constituent datasets are available from the peak details page. Henry Pratt, Jill Moore, Michael Purcaro, and Zhiping Weng, PI, at the ENCODE Data Analysis Center (ZLab at UMass Medical Center) developed this trackhub. Special thanks to Kate Rosenbloom and Jim Kent at UCSC for guidance developing this trackhub.


ENCODE Project Consortium, Jill E. Moore, Michael J. Purcaro, Henry E. Pratt, Charles B. Epstein, Noam Shoresh, Jessika Adrian, et al. 2020. "Expanded Encyclopaedias of DNA Elements in the Human and Mouse Genomes." Nature 583 (7818): 699–710.


Please contact henry.pratt@umassmed.edu with any questions or comments about this trackhub.