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DNA methylation in horse tissues (equCab2)

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 Placenta Methyl  DNA methylation in horse placenta tissue (bam)   Schema 
 Placenta Methyl 2  DNA methylation in horse placenta (bigWig)   Schema 


This track shows low-coverage DNA methylation (MethylC-seq) data in horse tissues.

Display Conventions and Configuration

Methylation data are available in two formats:

Methyl (BAM format)

In dense mode, each bar represents a single CpG site.

  • Red = 80-100% methylation
  • Green = 60-80% methylation
  • Blue = 1-60% methylation
  • Black = 0% methylation

In pack mode, the color-coding is the same but each CpG site is labeled by the percent methylation at that site.

Note that, due to low coverage, a CpG site may be colored red or black simply because there was only one read that covered that site. Therefore this data is most useful when viewed over larger genomic distances.

Methyl2 (bigWig format)

In dense mode, each bar represents a single CpG site, color-coded as a gradient from light gray (low methylation) to black (high methylation).

In full mode, methylation is graphed as a black curve with percent methylation on the y axis. Properties of this track can be modified by pressing the wrench symbol above.


For all samples, MethylC-seq read were aligned to the genome using BS Seeker, allowing two mismatches (not including those at CpG sites). Only one read per genomic position was kept to prevent clonal PCR amplification biases. CpG site methylation data were combined from both DNA strands.


All data provided by:
Diane Schroeder, Kartika Jayashankar, and Dr. Janine LaSalle from UC Davis.

For questions, contact Dr. Janine LaSalle: jmlasalle@ucdavis.edu


Schroeder DI, Blair JD, Lott P, Yu HO, Hong D, Crary F, Ashwood P, Walker C, Korf I, Robinson WP, LaSalle JM. (2013) The human placenta methylome. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 110(15):6037-42.

Schroeder DI, Jayashankar K, Douglas KC, Thirkill TL, York D, Dickinson PJ, Williams LE, Samollow PB, Ross PJ, Bannasch DL, Douglas GC, LaSalle JM. (2015) Early developmental and evolutionary origins of gene body DNA methylation patterns in mammalian placentas. PLoS Genet. 11(8):e1005442.