UCSC Genome Browser on Human Dec. 2013 (GRCh38/hg38) Assembly
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chrX:154,762,863-154,777,689 2,498 bp.
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+   Mapping and Sequencing
-   Genes and Gene Predictions
updated GENCODE V36
updated NCBI RefSeq
p12 updated All GENCODE...
CRISPR Targets
Geneid Genes
p12 Genscan Genes
IKMC Genes Mapped
LRG Transcripts
MANE select v0.92
p12 MGC Genes
Non-coding RNA...
Old UCSC Genes
p12 ORFeome Clones
p12 Other RefSeq
p12 Pfam in UCSC Gene
RetroGenes V9
SGP Genes
SIB Genes
TransMap V5...
p12 UCSC Alt Events
-   Phenotype and Literature
OMIM Alleles
new CADD...
Cancer Gene Expr...
deprecated ClinGen CNVs
ClinVar Variants
Coriell CNVs
COSMIC Regions
Development Delay
Gene Interactions
GWAS Catalog
updated HGMD Variants
LOVD Variants
OMIM Cyto Loci
OMIM Genes
TCGA Pan-Cancer
UniProt Variants
Variants in Papers...
-   COVID-19
[No data-chrX]
[No data-chrX]
Rare Harmful Vars
-   mRNA and EST
p12 Human ESTs
p12 Human mRNAs
p12 Other ESTs
p12 Other mRNAs
SIB Alt-Splicing
p12 Spliced ESTs
-   Expression
GTEx Gene V8
Affy GNF1H
Affy U133
Affy U95
EPDnew Promoters
GNF Atlas 2
p12 GTEx Gene
GTEx Transcript
GWIPS-viz Riboseq
miRNA Tissue Atlas
-   Regulation
p12 ENCODE Regulation...
p12 CpG Islands...
Hi-C and Micro-C
RefSeq Func Elems
-   Comparative Genomics
Cons 7 Verts
Cons 20 Mammals
Cons 30 Primates
Primate Chain/Net
Placental Chain/Net
Vertebrate Chain/Net
-   Variation
dbSNP 153
All SNPs(142)
Common SNPs(142)
Common SNPs(144)
Flagged SNPs(142)
Flagged SNPs(144)
Mult. SNPs(142)
Mult. SNPs(144)
1000 Genomes Trios
1000G Ph3 Vars
All SNPs(141)
All SNPs(144)
All SNPs(146)
All SNPs(147)
All SNPs(150)
All SNPs(151)
Common SNPs(141)
Common SNPs(146)
Common SNPs(147)
Common SNPs(150)
Common SNPs(151)
dbVar Common Struct Var...
DGV Struct Var
Flagged SNPs(141)
Flagged SNPs(146)
Flagged SNPs(147)
Flagged SNPs(150)
Flagged SNPs(151)
Genome In a Bottle
gnomAD Variants...
Mult. SNPs(141)
Mult. SNPs(146)
Mult. SNPs(147)
Mult. SNPs(150)
Mult. SNPs(151)
Platinum Genomes
-   Repeats
p12 RepeatMasker
Interrupted Rpts
RepeatMasker Viz.
Segmental Dups
Self Chain
p12 Simple Repeats
p12 WM + SDust